Home Skylight Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Guide to Year-Round Skylight Cleaning & Maintenance

Reliable Roofing Company Skylight Cleaning & MaintenanceThe installation of a skylight offers many benefits to homeowners including improved lighting, reduction of energy consumption and gives your room a fresh style. But, just like all home improvement updates, you must keep up on cleaning and maintenance in order to keep that sleek, day one look. Reliable Roofing Company, professional Philadelphia roofers, provides 6 skylight cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure it remains in good condition for many years. While it is always recommended to hire a professional roofing company for a yearly inspection & repair work, there are some DIY skylight cleaning services you can easily tackle yourself.

6 Essential Skylight Cleaning Practices for Homeowners

Wood Maintenance: Regular cleaning with household supplies is not harmful to the treated wood framing. A clean, dust-free surface will allow you to easily spot cracks, peeling & discoloration. If you find any of these, call for a maintenance inspection right away.

Glass Cleaning Tips: Although the glass we use for all skylights is high quality and meant to stay clean for a long period of time, occasional indoor cleanings are necessary. Be sure to use a lint-free, soft cloth or a squeegee with a non-abrasive cleaner. For outside cleaning or repairs, be sure to call a professional company.

Debris Buildup: Similar to your annual gutter cleaning, skylights must be cleared of debris at least once per year. Leaves, twigs and dirt must be cleared to ensure rainwater can flow freely to the gutters.

Condensation: Regular condensation buildup means you must open the skylight more often to let out the humidity. If possible, maintain a room temperature of 68 degrees or open it up several times per day.

Snow & Ice Removal: Since your skylight is constructed with heavy-duty glass meant to withstand rain, snow, ice and wind you are protected against the elements.

Call the Professionals: An inspection by a professional roofing company dives deeper into the moving parts, framing and sealing aspects of the skylight. While we’ll clean off debris and shine up the glass, we’re also checking for cracks, peeling, discoloration and repair needs.

Maintaining your Roofing System

Skylight, gutters, downspouts and siding all makeup the overall roofing system of your home. Each component should be cleaned, well-maintained and inspected throughout the year. For a thorough, professional inspection trust the roofers at Reliable Roofing Company in Philadelphia. Our installations & repairs are quick and efficient, providing honest and upfront pricing. Call 267-418-5522 to speak to one of our friendly representatives and schedule a roofing, skylight or gutter inspection today.