DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Gutter Cleaning Tips from Professional Roofers

Reliable Roofing Company DIY Essential Gutter Cleaning TipsAs professional Philadelphia roofers and gutter repair & installation specialists, we understand the importance of maintaining clean, leaf-free gutters. Since this is a pretty easy, albeit messy, task many homeowners opt to tackle this chore on their own. However, do not get on that ladder and make the attempt until you’ve read Reliable Roofing Company’s DIY gutter cleaning tips to ensure the utmost in safety and protection.

8 Essential Gutter Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner should Know

Safety, Safety, Safety: We cannot stress enough the importance of safety when it comes to DIY gutter cleaning. For this task you will spend most of your time moving up and down a high ladder and it is very important to position it on study, level ground. Test the first and second steps a few times before climbing up to the top and, if possible, have someone hold the ladder.

Tools & Equipment: Before you start, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and equipment ready and available. This includes a garden trowel or gutter scoop, sturdy/extendable ladder, garden hose and large tarp.

Dress Properly: Always dress appropriately for the weather, time of year and weather conditions. Further, this is a very messy job so do not wear any clothes you don’t want to get dirty. We recommend a long sleeve shirt, work pants, water proof shoes and a thick pair of gloves.

Time of Year: Gutters should be cleaned twice per year: in the early spring and early fall. This ensures a proper flow of water and reduces corrosion.

Lay Down Tarp: Don’t let the gunk and debris scatter all over your lawn! Protect your landscape by laying down a large tarp to collect the leaves as you’re cleaning.

Use Pressure Washer Gently: Running your pressure washer is a great way to get the last bit of dirt and gunk removed from the bottom of the gutters. However, watch your water pressure. If it is too high or you hit the wrong angle you should damage your gutters and shingles.

Don’t Forget the Downspouts: Leaves and debris clogged inside the downspouts means rain water will not properly drain, eventually causing sagging gutters. Remove the leaves by hand and run your power washer through to ensure proper drainage.

Inspect your Gutters: Finally, cleaning your gutters is not just about removing leaves and preparing for the next season. Of all our gutter cleaning tips in this blog, this one is the most important: perform a thorough inspection. Look for deterioration, cracks, leaks and loose gutters. If you see any of these, call a professional roof and gutter repair company right away. You do not want to wait when it comes to repairs to your home’s gutter system!