New Home Roof Warning Signs you can’t Ignore

What to Look for in a Roof when Buying a New Home

Reliable Roofing Company New Home Roof Warning Signs you Can't Afford to Ignore Buying a new home is one of the single most important purchases you will make in your entire life. Much time and careful planning must go into your decision on which house to close on. Not only must you take into consideration the location, bedroom/bathroom count and renovation upgrades, but you have to check the condition of the roof. There are several new home roof warning signs to be on the lookout for that should be a factor when making the final decision. The condition of your new home’s roof will help buyers make an informed choice and weigh the roof repair costs before you close in the house of your dreams.

5 New Home Roof Conditions to Inspect before Closing

Noticeable Damage: Before you involve a professional roofer to do an inspection your eyes will be able to quickly spot obvious damage. Look for broken gutters, missing shingles, holes, animal nests, etc. These are all warning signs that extensive repairs or a roof replacement might be necessary before closing.

Moss and Mold Growth: We’ve already highlighted the importance of cleaning & preventing roof mold growth. If you come across a home for sale that has moss or mold stains that is a sure sign roof maintenance has been neglected for some time.

Leaks & Interior Water Spots: While viewing the inside of the house make sure you look up. The ceiling will immediately give away any past leaks or water damage. Stains, sagging and mold spots are common indicators.

Downspouts: Not only is the condition of your downspouts important (check for cracks & holes), but the location is equally important. Since their main purpose is to push excess water away from the home’s foundation they must be placed at a steep angle.

Colored Grit: A clear indication of an old, outdated shingle roof is black, grey or multi-colored grit inside the gutters. These granules cover and protect the roof from UV rays and other weather damage. When they start to deteriorate and fall into the gutters your roofing system and home’s interior are susceptible to leaks and mold.

Professional Home Roofing Inspection

When you’re ready to purchase a home in the city of Philadelphia or surrounding suburbs you cannot get distracted by the beautiful upgrades, paint colors and décor choices. If you do not do your due diligence and schedule a roof inspection you could end up spending thousands more out of pocket. Read our 5 tips to hiring a professional roofing contractor. Reliable Roofing Company has over 25 years of experience inspecting, repairing and maintaining residential roof systems. Call 267-418-5522 to schedule your new home roof inspection today!