Guide to Remove & Prevent Mold on Roof Shingles

Mold Cleaning & Prevention Tips for Roof Shingles

Reliable Roofing Company Guide to Remove Mold from Roof ShinglesAs the hot, humid and rainy summers common to the Philadelphia area approach your shingle roof becomes susceptible to mold and algae growth. These bacteria are not only unsightly, but they can also begin to eat away at the shingles causing extensive damage to the roof and even your home’s foundation. Removing mildew, algae and mold from roof shingles is not easy and can be dangerous if you do not have the proper experience. Reliable Roofing Company provides a few easy DIY methods to remove the mold from your shingled roof, but it is best to call in the expert roofers.

Maintenance Solutions to Clean Black Mold off Roof Shingles

Bleach Solution: The most powerful at-home cleaning solution to remove mold from roof shingles is a 50/50 mix of bleach and water. You could also add a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate for extra cleaning power. Combine all ingredients in a pump sprayer then generously spray the solution on the moldy roof shingles. Let it sit for up to 30 minutes and rinse with clean water from your garden hose. If they still feel slimy or still have mold present you can spray the solution again and let sit for 40 minutes.

Safety Precautions:
Never use a power washer on your roof as it could crack, damage and loosen the shingles and cause even more damage. Unless you’re highly experienced all roofing tasks should be performed by a professional roofing contractor. It is very dangerous to work on top of your roof without the right safety gear or knowledge.

Replace Shingles: If your shingles are very worn out, outdated or missing it makes sense to replace the moldy shingles with new ones. Roof shingles laced with copper granules are suggested in areas that are susceptible to high mold growth.

Hire a Professional Roofer: More often than not mold is not a standalone problem, it is usually the sign of other, more serious roof repair issues. Our professional and experienced roofers will perform a full inspection to find all areas of mold growth and the underlying issue. Many times fixing these minor repairs will prevent future mold & algae from forming on your shingle roof.

Roof Mildew & Algae Prevention Tips

If you suspect you have roof damage in the form of mold, algae growth or leaks, call Reliable Roofing Company right away for a thorough inspection. With over 25 years of professional experience our Philadelphia roofers provide quality work, superior customer service and use only top-notch tools and materials.

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