Summer Roof Maintenance Inspection Guidelines

Contractors Guide to Summer Roof Maintenance

Reliable Roofing Company Maintenance Roof Tips Summer SeasonWe’ve made it through the rainy spring season and can feel the warmth of summer quickly approaching. As the scorching sun has temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, the high heat and humidity also brings thunderstorms and high winds. These weather conditions can cause damage to your roofing system if it is not properly prepared. Reliable Roofing Company, professional Philadelphia roofers, provides a summer roof maintenance inspection checklist to ensure the roof and the rest of your home are well prepared for the upcoming season.

6 Tips for Proper Summer Roof Maintenance

Clean Gutters/Downspouts: One of the most important aspects to your entire roofing system, the gutters and downspouts must be inspected at the beginning and end of every season. Regular upkeep to remove leaves, dirt and twigs will ensure water can flow without blockage. Gutters move rainwater away from your home and the foundation preventing flooding, mold & mildew production and expensive water damage.

Inspect for Missing Shingles: A roofing system with missing shingles can have major, costly repercussions. Shingles cover the wood decking that protects your home against leaks. Missing shingles must be replaced immediately by a professional roofing contractor.

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Check Skylight for Cracks: Overtime the acrylic materials binding your skylight can wear down and begin to crack. Many times a new seal can be installed, other times the entire skylight must be replaced. A cracked skylight can lead to leaks and the buildup of algae and mold from the weather.

Replace Cracked Shingles: While a cracked shingle is not as serious as a missing one, it is an issue that should be addressed by a professional. Cracked shingles allow water to seep into the roofing system and even your attic, which will cause mold damage.

Don’t stop at the Roof, get inside the Attic: The best way to identify leaks in your roof is to get into your attic. Signs of a water leak include discoloration, mold/algae buildup and even pooling if the leak is extensive.

Call for Professional Roof Inspection: If you discover any damage, no matter how minor you may think it is, or you have not received a professional inspection in some time, call our roofers today! We will provide a thorough inspection of the entire system, including the gutters & downspouts, to check for damage, leaks, mold and more.

Protect your Roof from Damage this Year-Round

Keeping up on our above summer roof maintenance tips will protect your roof throughout the hot and humid months. However, many of these guidelines need to be followed year round to ensure constant protection to your vital roofing system. Reliable Roofing Company has over 30 years of experience in roof leak damage, new roof installation, gutter & downspout repair and much more. Call 267-418-5522 to schedule a roof inspection today!

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