How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights on your Roof

Outdoor Holiday Lights Hanging Tips

Reliable Roofing Tips Hanging Holiday Lights Roof & GuttersWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we’re all itching to get into the Christmas holiday spirit. Soon enough we’ll see sparkling, twinkling holiday lights hung up by crafty homeowners willing to get on their roof to spread some cheer. Don’t be left out of all the festive fun! Reliable Roofing Company has provided 10 must-know tips on how to properly hang your holiday lights to protect your shingled roof.

10 Tips to Safely Hang Holiday Lights

Have a Design Plan: Always start out with a good idea of where and how you want to hang your holiday lights. This will ensure you have enough outlets, extension cords and room to hang all your beautiful lights.

Test the Lights: Even if they’re new, always test your lights before you start hanging. Lights should be plugged into the outlet, on the ground, prior to getting up on the ladder.

Take Measurements: Measure prior to hanging so you know how many strands of holiday lights you’ll need to wrap around your roof. This will also make sure you have enough room to reach the power source.

Have your tools ready: Tools and materials you’ll need to hang your Christmas lights include measuring tape, step ladder, deck clips, exterior extension cord, duct tape, extension ladder, plastic shingle/gutter light clips, zip ties and the lights.

Use a High Quality Exterior Extension Cord: Under no circumstances should you use an indoor extension cord for outdoor use. Invest in a quality outdoor extension cord to protect your home’s electrical integrity.

Secure Holiday Lights with Plastic Clips: Plastic clips can be used to easily and safely hang Christmas lights over your home’s gutters or under the roof shingles. Never use nails or staples when hanging lights as it will cause damage to these important roof components.Reliable Roofing Safely Hang Roof Holiday Lights

Set a Timer: Use a timer to automate when your lights turn on and go off. This small tip will not only save you money on your utility bill, but also extend the life of your decorations.

Use LED to Save Money: It is well worth it to spend a bit more on LED lights. They last much longer than incandescent, don’t use as much energy & bulbs can be easily replaced if one burns out.

Watch your Weight: While holiday lights and plastic clips are relatively lightweight, be sure you don’t force too much weight on your gutters or shingles. Prolonged weight mixed with harsh winter weather, hail, ice & snow, could cause some slacking and eventual damage.

For extra precaution, get a gutter & roof inspection: If your roof and gutters have not been inspected in some time, it is always a good idea to schedule a precautionary inspection or follow our roof winterizing checklist. Read more about the importance of a pre winter roof inspection.

Schedule a Pre Winter Roof Inspection

When the magic of the holiday season is over and you’re ready to pack the holiday lights away for the year, be sure you do not pull on the strings. This can result in pulling off your gutters or damaging your shingled roof. The lights and clips should be taken down just as carefully as they were hung to ensure they will work again next year. Whether you’re installing the holiday lights or taking them down, if you notice any damage or problems with your shingles, call the professional Philadelphia roofers at Reliable Roofing Company for a thorough roof inspection or roof repair service.

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