Importance of Pre Winter Roof Inspection

Benefits of Pre Winter Roof Inspection

Reliable Roofing Benefits of Pre Winter Roof InspectionSummer storms, heavy rains, hail and humidity typical of spring and summer in the greater Philadelphia area can take a toll on your roof, especially if it is more than 10 years old. Now that cooler fall weather is settling in it is the perfect time to schedule your winter roof inspection before heavy snow and frigid cold weather arrive. The professional roofers at Reliable Roofing Company recommend a roof maintenance inspection at least one time per year and the best time to schedule your appointment is right before winter hits. Below, we’ve highlighted all of the benefits & reasons why you should schedule a pre winter roof inspection.

8 Reasons you should Schedule a Pre Winter Roof Inspection

Save on Heating Bill: If your roof is in poor condition the heat in your home can easily escape and cost you hundreds of extra dollars on your utility bills. An inspection will tell us if a new roof installation service is necessary, which will provide better insulation and save you money on your energy bills!

Airtight, Water Resistant Seals: During our roof inspection service we’ll check the seals all along the shingles to ensure they not only prevent water from leaking through, but they won’t blow off during a winter storm.

Find & Fix Minor Repairs: An inspection allows us to uncover minor issues that can be easily fixed. Skipping on your pre-winter maintenance inspection means these small repairs are left to cultivate all winter long, turning into major, costly problems.

Ideal Weather for Shingle Replacement: Fall provides the most ideal weather conditions for inspections and roof repairs. With mild temperatures ranging between 45 – 65 degrees, this is the best time of the year to replace or install new shingles.

Reliable Roofing Importance Pre Winter Roof InspectionNecessary Safety Precaution: The cost and headache it takes for our roofing company to come out for a simple inspection is nothing compared to what could happen if your roof caves during the first heavy winter snow storm. Give yourself peace of mind and enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family by scheduling a fall roof maintenance inspection.

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Protect Your Attic Insulation: Even small cracks allow moisture to seep through the roof and into the attic insulation. Left unnoticed for a few months, mold growth becomes out of control and you’re left with both a roof and an insulation problem. Getting a winter roof inspection ensures we can find these small problems and fix them before they turn into larger issues.

Rodent Prevention: As the weather drops, raccoons, squirrels and mice will all be looking for a place to hide out this winter – don’t let your roof become their temporary home! Even small cracks allow these pests to sneak in and take residence throughout the winter months. During our roof inspection, we’ll check for small cracks & holes and repair them quickly and prevent a pest infestation.

Roof Winterizing to Prevent Damage: Our team of professional Philadelphia roofers will perform an inspection and go through a full roof winterizing checklist to ensure your roof can withstand the upcoming, harsh winter weather.

Roofing Repairs & Maintenance Inspections

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in sometime, call the professional roofers at Reliable Roofing Company to schedule an appointment today. Our roofing company proudly serves residents and businesses in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA. Call 267-418-5522 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative today!

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