Spring Roof Maintenance Inspection Checklist

Spring Roof Inspection Checklist

Reliable Roofing Philadelphia Roof Inspection Checklist SpringThe cold and dreary winter season is finally behind us and we can look forward to warm, sunny spring days. But, before you pull out your bathing suits and pool toys it is important to ensure your roof was able to weather the winter storms. There are many things you must do around your home to get it ready for spring and a roof inspection should top the list. Reliable Roofing Company has provided a complete spring roof inspection checklist for Philadelphia homeowners. Follow our detailed list to ensure your home’s roof is in top condition. For questions or a professional roof inspection service by our Philadelphia roofers, call 267-418-5522 today!

5 Roof Inspection Checklist Tips

Clean & Inspect Gutters: Clean gutters are vital to a properly, full-functioning roof. Gutters free of debris and leaves will ensure rain water properly flows off of your roof, preventing water damage inside your home. During your gutter & inspection make sure to check for cracks and holes, which should be repaired immediately.

Check your attic: If you’re roof is leaking, the first place damage will appear is the attic. Make sure your attic is dry (check the corners) and there are no cracks of light coming through. Signs of a leaking roof in your attic include moisture, water stains, mold and mildew.Reliable Roofing Philadelphia Spring Roof Inspection Maintenance

Trim surrounding trees: Overhanging tree branches can fall and damage your roof’s shingles, gutters and windows. Besides low hanging branches, inspect the trees to ensure they are healthy. Dead trees should be carefully removed by a professional.

Replace missing & broken shingles: If a few shingles are missing, they can be replaced fairly easily by a professional roofing company. But, more than a couple missing shingles could be signs of a larger roof issue. Call our roofers for a professional roof inspection.

Hire professional Philadelphia Roofers: For a complete and thorough roof inspection it is best to leave it to the experts. Our roofers will inspect all Reliable Roofing Roof Inspection Company in Philadelphiaaspects highlighted above, plus skylights, balding shingles, buckling, curling and much more. With over 25 years of professional experience, Reliable Roofing Company can quickly inspect, identify and repair a variety of roof damage.

Professional Roofing Company Philadelphia

Our basic spring roof inspection checklist will allow you to check for any basic and obvious damage. For a full and in-depth inspection, hire our local roofing company. Our roofers are backed with many years of professional experience and an expert eye to detect underlying damage. Call 267-418-5522 to book your Philadelphia roof inspection today.

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