Signs you Need a Roof Replacement

Signs it’s Time for a Full Roof Replacement

Reliable Roofing Roof Replacement Company in PhiladelphiaAs the seasons change and your roof ages it becomes more and more susceptible to wear-and-tear, leaks, sagging and more. Hail, wind, rain and snow can all cause damage which will force you to have to hire Philadelphia roofers for a full roof replacement. Ideally, your new roof should last between 20 to 25 years. If you’re approaching that time period, it is in your best interest to begin looking into the signs which will indicate it is time to replace your roof. Don’t wait until your roof springs a leak and water is pouring into your home, especially during the cold winter months ahead.  Read Reliable Roofing Company’s signs it is time for a roof replacement to be better prepared. If you believe your roof is in need of repairs, call us today at 267-418-5522 for a consultation.

7 Signs you need a New Roof

    1. Inside Leaking or Damage: The first place you’ll want to start if you suspect you need a new roof is inside your attic. Signals of a leaky roof include stains, streaks and/or significantly wet spots on your beams and floors.
    2. Light through Roof Boards: While inside your attic, be sure to check if you can see daylight coming through the roof boards. If there is, that means the underlyinReliable Roofing Roof Replacement Services Philadelphiag decked has been weakened from moisture and must be replaced.
    3. Review your Records: Check your records to see the last time your roof was serviced, shingled or replaced. If it has been more than 5 years since a service, it is in your best interest to call a Philadelphia roofing company for an inspection.
    4. Moss & Algae Buildup: Moss, a form of fungi, on your roof indicates there is trapped moisture under the shingles. Reliable Roofing Company can come out to remove the mold buildup and address any underlying problems it may have caused.
    5. Missing or Decaying Shingles: At least once a season, but especially after a heavy storm, it is a good idea to check the condition on your Reliable Roofing Philadelphia Signs you Need a Roof Replacementshingles. Look for patches with cracks, damage or decay. If you find such cases, call Reliable Roofing Company for roofing repair services.
    6. Sagging Areas: Over time leaking water will make the structure of your roof start to sag. If you identify a soft area, use a broom to gently prod the spot. If it easily bends or flexes then you have water damage that needs to be fixed immediately.
    7. Shingle Granules in the Gutter: While performing your exterior checks, be sure to inspect your gutters as well. If you find pieces of your shingles washed into your gutter, this is a sign your roof is susceptible to water damage and decay.


Roof Replacement Company in Philadelphia

Many individual factors can attribute to the need for a full roof replacement. If you’re doing an at-home inspection and find any of the above, don’t panic. Sometimes it can be a simple repair job to get 5 more years out of your roof, other damage will cause a need for a full replacement. Either way, when you call Reliable Roofing Company for your roofing services, we make you feel at ease about the specific repairs that need to be done and all costs and the timeframe associated. With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial roof inspections, repairs and replacement, you can feel confident your roof is in good hands. For more information on roof replacement in Philadelphia or for questions about your existing roof, call us today at 267-418-5522.

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