How Harsh Weather Impacts your Roof

How Harsh Weather Causes Roof Damage

Reliable Roofing Philadelphia Roof Damage Prevention TipsThe Philadelphia, PA region gets hit with all types of extremely harsh weather. From 7 foot snow falls, to hurricane force winds, 4 straight days of rain and 115 degree weather your roof has probably seen all forces of Mother Nature. Your roof is the first to be hit by these extreme weather conditions and offers a line of defense to protect you, your family and your home. At Reliable Roofing Company we’ve seen the many adverse ways weather negatively impacts and damages a home’s roof. If your roof is old or hasn’t been checked in some time, call the professional Roofers in Philadelphia after a storm or large snow fall to check and repair any damage.

Types of Damage Caused by Extreme Weather

Different forms of weather impact a roof in a variety of ways. Long-term sustained rain can cause shingles to break free and fall off, as well as cracks. These openings leave your home susceptible to leaks, water damage and mold growth. Strong winds move panels, lift shingles and cause loose tree branches to scrape your roof or crack your sky light. Snow is the biggest culprit to roof damage Reliable Roofing Philadelphia Weather & Roof Damageas the extra weight can cause parts of your roof or gutters to collapse. Finally, heat and humidity bring their own set of dangers to your roof.  Heat causes your roof’s material to expand and shrink, which leads to brittle shingles, then the moisture from the humidity causes water damage. As you can see, each season brings its own impacts to your entire roofing system.

Tips to Prevent Roof Damage

While we can’t change the weather patterns our professional roofing company can provide a few tips to prevent roof damage.

  1. Remove tree limbs hanging above your house – especially dead ones.
  2. Clean gutters regularly to remove dead foliage.
  3. Keep your attic fully insulated.
  4. Clear leaves, branches and other debris off your roof to prevent a drainage backup.
  5. Have an annual roof inspection to identify and address problems.


Reliable Roofing Roof Damage Repair Company PhiladelphiaRoof Damage Repair Company in Philadelphia

The above tips will allow your roofing system to function normally, but if you notice any extensive damage it is imperative you call our roof damage repair company immediately. Our licensed and insured roofers can quickly replace broken shingles, fix cracks in the roof, install new gutters and repair leaks. Reliable Roofing Company specializes in asphalt, wooden, slate, tile, metal and shingle roof repairs and installations throughout the Philadelphia area. If you suspect your home has suffered roof damage, call the professionals at 267-418-5522 today, we serve Philadelphia County, Bucks County and Montgomery County.

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